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return and exchange policies

return and exchange policies

The exchange and return policies apply in certain circumstances that we will detail later, within the changes, no cash refund or refund applies except in extraordinary circumstances, the return or exchange conditions are carried out by mail, where we will attend the cases with the due follow-up and will be applied effectively as long as the following requirements are met:

Communicate by mail in a period not exceeding 3 business days after receiving the package.

Explain the reason for the return that falls within the next:

The garment has factory damage.

The garment is not what I ordered.

The size is not the correct one that I ordered.

The garment was damaged by the parcel.

Note: The change or return may be denied if the reason does not meet any of the above, the tests are not specific or an attempt at fraud is detected.

Send photo or video evidence and data: Order number and customer data.


The return policy that we apply at Nine Dolls is so that customers can have alternatives in unfavorable cases in any of the purchase processes, we are highly committed to our customers, their satisfaction and it is with the objective of taking care of their interests as deserving consumers. of the best purchasing process that we can offer them.

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